Karl Lam Writing

The articles on this website lay out new perspectives on what has prevented humans building a truly human society – a society that works for everyone.

We humans have been living in deeply divided societies for a very long time.  These divisions may be the biggest obstacle to building social structures capable of steering humanity away from dangerous climate change and economic collapse. We need to figure out how to work together for our immediate and long term collective interests.  Preventing and overcoming division has become vital to the future of humanity.

It is possible that human beings are, by nature, thoughtful, caring and cooperative, but that the social systems we currently live within depend on suppressing thought, care and cooperation.  By suppressing human nature so thoroughly, these systems have also distorted our understanding of human nature. Understanding these social systems and the effects they have had on us, collectively and as individuals, is very important. This understanding gives renewed hope – because it explains why change has been so difficult – and it opens up new possibilities for initiative and action.